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The flexible software protection

This type of key is very suitable for developers who want more than just a security system. A primary advantage of this type of key is that its flexible programming capabilities give you a flexibility in the type of software locks you can create.

WizzKey: The Key to software and security

The WizzKey Red Label basically uses the same protection system as the WizzKey White Label, but has some extra features that give more flexibility:
  • unique identification number
  • challenge-response authentication
  • data encryption
  • internal read/write memory of 100 bytes
  • write protection of part of the memory
  • programmable encryption algorithm and encryption code

The key can be accessed via an API call.

Internal memory

The internal memory of 100 bytes of the WizzKey Red Label can be read and written to on-the-fly from within the application program. The ability to write to the memory in the field gives you for example the ability to store during the installation a password in the key that can be used as a software lock. The internal memory can not only be used to enforce the protection system, but can also be used to implement some additional features like: to store the options or modules a customer may use. These options can be read by the application program from the key to check whether it may run a specific module of the program. When the customer later on decides to buy a new option, it is even possible to add that option in the key on-side of the customer.
  • control the number of times a program is used. This number can be stored in the WizzKey. The counter decrements each time the program is used. When the counter reaches zero, the program will not run anymore.
  • store some variables that are used by the program in the WizzKey.
  • store the name of the customer in the key and show this name on the screen.
As a special feature, a part of the memory of the WizzKey Red Label can be made read-only. This means that the data stored in the memory of the WizzKey can never be changed again.

The serial number of the WizzKey can also be read by the application.


The WizzKey Red Label is also capable to encrypt data. With this key it is even possible to change the encryption code and the encryption algorithm.
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