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Here you can find answers to the most common questions about WizzKey. The FAQ is divided into several sections, each dealing with a specific domain.

WizzKey: The Key To Software And Security

  • General.
    This section should be the first step for new potential customers of the WizzKey system. It provides answers to some general questions about the WizzKey.

  • Installation.
    This section deals with the installation requirements of the WizzKey routines.

  • Programming tips.
    The level of security that is reached heavily depend on the amount of effort put in by the programmer of the to be protected application. Here you can find some general tips.

  • Problems.
    While the vast majority of cases do not present any problems, this section provides a short checklist.

  • Device driver.
    A device driver is in general only required for applications that are running under Windows NT/W2000. This requires some attention for both programming and installation.
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