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Protect your software

The software market is highly competitive. Therefore, it is even more frustrating to see your software being copied illegally

WizzKey: The Key to software and security

The WizzKey security key is the high tech solution to prevent unauthorized distribution of software programs. The WizzKey hardware keys are based on ASIC technology. The WizzKey family offers a complete range of software protection products for PCs and networks. The WizzKey devices are programmable, offer encryption, and network versions control concurrent usage. The WizzKey offers the highest level of protection by custom hardware and software for each developer.

Programs to be protected must include some WizzKey protection calls. There is a large software library with protection routines that can be called by your software. At the moment more than 40 different programming languages and most operating systems (like DOS, UNIX, Windows 95/98, NT, W2000, and XP) are supported.

Your choise: the WizzKey family

The WizzKey family consists of various types of hardware keys that must be connected to a parallel or USB port of the PC:
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