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Your software product is the result of an great intellectual effort. Therefore, you should not tolerate that pirates simply use your product without paying for it. A secure and reliable software protection system can help you to make money from your investment in time, energy, know-how and money.

WizzKey: The Key To Software And Security

The WizzKey family offers a complete range of software protection products for PCs and networks. The system provides a hardware/software protection based on a WizzKey hardware dongle that secures applications from unauthorised use. If the correct WizzKey is not connected to the computer, the protected program will not run, or is not fully functional. In this way your product can only be used by legitimate customers.

The WizzKey family and its protection mechanism has proven itself during the last years. Not only the products are reliable, but also the customer service has proven to be good because there is a close relationship between the development and support. Therefore, our developers have been able to learn from the suggestions of our customers which resulted into an excellent family of software protection systems, adapted to the needs of a variety of users. Due to the close relation with our customers we know how to build and implement a highly secure protection system that is very easy to implement.

The WizzKey system basically consists of two major components:

WizzKey hardware keys and the WizzKey software library are customised for each developer. The WizzKey Red Label has furthermore a customised programmer and programming utility with which only keys for one specific developer can be initially activated and programmed. In this way other developers are not able to reprogram your key, or program their own key for your application. An additional feature of the programmer is the possibility to write protect a selectable part of the internal memory of the key. Only with the programmer is it possible to write this memory area. The programmer also allows the developer to change the encryption algorithm and encryption key.

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