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Here you can find answers to the most common questions about all kind of problems you might experience with the WizzKey hardware.

WizzKey: The Key To Software And Security

Has the WizzKey problems when other keys/dongles are attached to the same printer port?
The WizzKey is known to be excellent transparent, which makes it possible that other keys can be chained before or after the WizzKey. If you have another parallel key that is not a WizzKey, its transparency may be far less effective. So please try removing the key, or changing the chaining-order of the keys, and see whether this solves the problem.
The routines indicate that no WizzKey was found, although there is one connected to the parallel port. What can be the reason for that?
If you are a programmer, make sure that you have used the routines in the right way. In the case you are using some generic routines in e.g. wkdll32.dll, you need to provide the keycode and codeword first before the WizzKey can be found. If you are sure that these are correct (because it used to work before), you have to try to isolate and narrow the problem. There are a few things that might cause the problem: a damaged or invalid parallel port, a damaged key, a driver conflict, a physical problem caused by an attached peripheral (e.g. a powered down printer).
Disconnect all peripherals and other dongles connected to the WizzKey. A powered down peripheral on a non-transparant dongle might have been the problem. If the problem still exists, try to change the mode of the parallel port. Normal mode is preferred. Test the key on another machine. If you have another WizzKey from the same vendor, try switching the keys. In some occasions it might help to connect something to the WizzKey (e.g. a cable, or another dongle). The problem can also be caused by an old version of the software. Always use the latest version of the software. If you are running on a Windows NT/2000/XP machine, check whether the device driver is installed and running. If the problem still exists, it is likely that the key has become corrupted. If this is the case, it might be possible to 'repair' the key with the program WPplus that is used to initialize the WizzKey (Red Label).
Is the WizzKey sensitive to other equipment (like a printer) attached to the WizzKey?
The transparrancy of the WizzKey is excellent. However, some isolated problems with printers could be due to a poor quality printer cable, or due to an older version of the WizzKey. Problems that might occur are that the printer sometimes prints garbage or empty pages, or that the key is not found or recognized. The reason for this malbehaviour can be:
  • a wrong printercable. If a malfunctioning occurs, try another (brand) cable. Higher quality cables have less noise, and are therefore give you much better performance. Also make sure that all ground signals are connected.
  • an old version of the WizzKey hardware or software. Hardware and software upgrades are sometimes released to ensure compatibility with newer peripherals on the market, and we recommend trying the latest release.
  • a powered-down printer. If attached equipment (e.g. a printer) is powered down the WizzKey might not be functional since the voltage level is reduced below the operating limits. However, this will not occur frequently since the WizzKey is designed to be able to operate at low voltage (2 Volt).
  • the ECP mode of the port. In cases where the printer works in ECP mode, and none of the above steps solve the problem, try installing a simpler driver (like the driver for HP LaserJet II) and try printing through this driver. Many drivers also allow you to select which mode of the port should be used. Try the normal mode, and install the driver again.
The WizzKey has become corrupted. How does this happen?
In some situations it might occur that a key gets corrupted. The software then either indicates that it cannot find the key anymore, or that the contents of the WizzKey (Red Label) memory has changed. A reason for this might be an old version of the WizzKey hardware. We are constantly trying to improve our products, and newer versions of the hardware are introduced if this is needed. Connecting or disconnecting of a (powered on) peripheral is the most general cause for a key becoming corrupted. So, always remove the power from both the printer and the PC before removing the WizzKey. If a WizzKey Red Label has become corrupted, in many cases it can be 'repaired' by using the program WPplus. Also, the memory of the WizzKey Red Label can be made write-protected, which gives a higher protection against becoming corrupted.
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