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Here you can find answers to the most common questions about the device drivers of the WizzKey.

WizzKey: The Key To Software And Security

When do I need a device driver?
In general, Windows (NT/2000/XP) requires any hardware peripheral to be governed by a driver. This implies that in case of WizzKey, a device driver is needed for all applications that use the WizzKey routines running under Windows NT/2000/XP.
When the device driver is not installed, or currently not running the WizzKey DLL will display a message like: 'Could not open device (wkrl.sys), error 6'.
The WizzKey programmer that is needed for activating a new WizzKey Red Label, also requires a device driver. The driver for the WizzKey Red Label (wkrl.sys) contains the interface needed for the programmer as well, so this driver must be installed and running before the programmer can be used on a NT/2000/XP machine.
Which device driver should I use?
There are different device drivers for the various WizzKey brands. For the WizzKey Red Label and the WizzKey programmer you should apply wkrl.sys, for the WizzKey White Label wkwl.sys.
In case you write 16-bit programs (like DOS), it is not possible to use these device drivers. In that case you should use the generic device driver wkport.sys. It that case you can use the normal routines (provided in .OBJ or a DLL), but the device driver has to be opened once. Please check the documentation on this issue.
How do I install the device driver?
In the software kit with the WizzKey API and the device driver, is a small installation program that can be used to install the driver. Alternatively, you can write your own installation program using the template provided in the documentation, or take a look at the installation program example.
I am trying to install the WizzKey Device Driver on my Windows NT/2000/XP. I get a message saying that I have insufficient privilege to install the driver. What should I do?
Installing any system driver on an NT station requires administrative privilege. Therefore, log in as an administrator and try again.
When do I need to use the low-level access mechanism to access the driver?
Access to the driver is normally done by using the DLL provided in the kit. If you do not want to use this DLL, but instead incorporate it directly into your program, we provide in the documentation the mechanism to be used if one wants to access the driver at a low-level (using DeviceIoControl).
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