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Here you can find some common software and manuals.

WizzKey: The Key to software and security

One of the unique features of the WizzKey software protection is that all products are personalised. This means that all keys (dongles) are unique for each software developer, and that a dedicated software kit is made for these keys. Also, the programmer is customized and can only be used with a dedicated programmer software, and only for the keys it is made for. If you are already using WizzKey, you can ask for an update of your software by contacting your distributor.

However, some software parts are common for all customers, and can be used for all keys. This software can be downloaded here.

WizzKey 16-bit device driver for Windows NT/W2000

Programs designed for WIN32 or Windows NT/W2000 have the ability to use the dedicated device drivers. However, when programs that are designed for 16-bit DOS or Windows run on Windows NT/2000, I/O access to the parallel port is ignored. NT's architecture requires all hardware be accessed via kernel-mode device drivers. For these situations you may use an other WizzKey device driver (wkport.sys) to overcome this problem. When this device driver is used the normal 16-bit WizzKey routines can be used.

WizzKey device drivers for Windows NT/2000

Programs running on Windows NT/2000 require a device driver for proper operation. There are the following device drivers for the WizzKey family. To install the device driver a small installation program is included. Alternatively, you can incorporate the installation in your own installation mechanism. Read the documentation for more info in this, or take a look at the installation program example.

WizzKey generic DLL for Windows

These DLLs can be used to access the WizzKey.
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