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WizzKey Red Label/on the Rocks API  


white label  

red label/rocks  

The flexible software protection

The WizzKey API is a set of functions used to access the WizzKey and to use the security system.

WizzKey: The Key to software and security

All functions for the WizzKey White Label are also available for the WizzKey Red Label and the on the Rocks. So we have key_present, read_id, and crypt_wk. There are two additional routines to read and write the 100 bytes of the WizzKey Red Label.

Function 'key_present'

This function tests whether an appropriate WizzKey is connected to a parallel or USB port.

Function 'read_id'

Each WizzKey has a unique identification number of 16 bits. With the function 'read_id' this number can be read from the WizzKey. This id number can be used to assign a specific WizzKey to a customer. The id number can be used to check whether the id number of the WizzKey is the one the customer ought to have.

Function 'crypt_wk'

With this routine data can be encrypted. This data can be constant variables, but also strings of characters. The WizzKey will be used to encrypt (and decrypt) this data. The original, not encrypted data, can be retrieved by executing the encryption again using the same WizzKey. The encrypted data should be used in the source code. These encrypted values need to be computed in advance using a separate program that encrypts the original data. Just before the original data is needed, the data can be de-crypted with the crypt_wk function. The encryption code of the WizzKey Red Label and the WizzKey Black Label can be changed with the WizzKey programmer.

Function 'read_wk'

With this function a byte of the WizzKey Red Label memory can be read. The address range is from 0 to 99.

Function 'write_wk'

A byte can be written to the WizzKey's memory using the function 'write_wk'.
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