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Easy to use software library

The WizzKey family offers a complete range of software protection products for PCs and networks. The WizzKey API is a set of functions used to access the WizzKey and to use the security system.

WizzKey: The Key to software and security

The API allows an easy interface between your application and the WizzKey security system. It is possible to implement an adequate software protection with only one instruction. However, depending on the required level of security, more and different routines can be used.

Programs to be protected must include some WizzKey protection calls. To protect your software, you need to insert a series of software locks into your application. Each lock is a call to a WizzKey API function. These functions send queries to the hardware key and returns its response. Depending on the result of the response, your application can verify the presence of the key. The action taken when no valid response is returned, is left to the application.

There is a large software library with protection routines that can be called by your software. At the moment more than 40 different programming languages and operating systems are supported. This site describes the available basic routines only. The differences between programming languages are the names of the routines, and the way the parameters are passed between the WizzKey routines and the application.

The routines are custom-made and are delivered for most programming languages in a .OBJ, a .BIN or a DLL file so that they can be linked to a program.
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